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  Carpet Cleaning Seattle

Carpet Cleaning Seattle

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Carpet Cleaning Seattle

What We Do

We specialize in low moisture rinse & extract carpet cleaning for residential and commercial customers and provide safe, non-toxic green cleaning solutions. Using a revolutionary method of cleaning called OPE (oscillating pad extraction), your carpets will be beautifully deep cleaned and dry in about 2 hours.

Why Choose Us?

Our commitment to you is simple: we don't ask you to pay a dime until you're satisfied.
Carpet Cleaning Experts Professional Quality Cleaning
Low Moisture Method Honest, Friendly, Reliable
Oscillating Pad Extraction Competitive Prices
Deep clean carpets Owner Operated
allergy-free carpets Licensed & Insured
allergen-free carpet cleaning Satisfaction Guaranteed

Customers Who Trust Us:

Among a long list of corporate and private customers here are just a few of them who have enjoyed our service:

   - Bellevue Club
   - Denali Fitness
   - Balance Physical Therapy
   - Sammamish Club
   - Kirkland Central Condominiums
   - Covenant Presbyterian Church

Low Moisture Oscillating Pad Extraction

Why Low Moisture Oscillating Pad Extraction?

Low Moisture Oscillating Pad Extraction OPE deep cleans by giving the carpet a low moisture rinse and extracts soil by agitation and absorption. The oscillator allows the terry cloth pads to scrub the carpet fiber from all directions, while at the same time gently tamping deep into the carpet pile and removing dirt that is deep down.

best carpet cleaning method With OPE cleaning there are no "wick-back" problems (dirt pushed down, only to work its way back up the fiber as it dries).

pet hair carpet clean With OPE cleaning, carpets dry in about 2 hours, making this method much more customer friendly.

dry cleaning carpets Carpets cleaned by OPE tend to stay cleaner for a longer period of time and look "brighter".

Oscillating Pad Extraction OPE is a self-contained cleaning process that does not need outside hook up, so doors can be closed during cleaning.

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