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Tile, Grout & Natural Stone Cleaning

  Your dirty tile & grout can be brought back to life with a professional deep cleaning. If you are interested in having your tile, slate or other hard surfaces cleaned, We would be happy to give a demonstration on a small portion prior to doing a full service. We also have a green, environmental solution for this cleaning.  

Benefits of our Method

  commercial carpet cleaning We take proper precautions to protect permanent fixtures

commercial carpet cleaning We agitate the cleaning agent with a specialized brush

office carpet cleaning The motion & weight of the oscillator will make easy work of a very difficult cleaning task

banks carpet cleaning We will remove years of accumulated soil from your tile and grout lines

commercial carpet cleaners in Redmond We will manually brush deeply stained grout lines as good as possible

commercial carpet cleaners in Redmond Tiles and grout lines receive a final rinse after cleaning

commercial carpet cleaners in Redmond Once Tiles are cleaned, it is the perfect time to seal the surface in order to preserve the new clean condition of the tile & grout

commercial carpet cleaners in Redmond We use top of the line sealants that act as a moisture barrier for the tile and grout and prevent the absorption of oil and dirt. This will make maintaining your tile and grout much easier

commercial carpet cleaners in Redmond The sealer absorbs into floor surface and will not change its appearance in any way

Ask for a Quote

  Get more information about our tile and grout cleaning solutions simply by calling us at 425-351-6151 or fill out above. We will get back to you as soon as possible.  
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