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Green & Environmental Carpet Cleaning

  There's no doubt that the carpeting in any business environment can make an impression on everyone who enters it. That's why it's critical that your carpet be as clean and odor-free as possible. When you clean green, it says you care about people and the world we live in.

Final Touch offers an all-natural, green and environmentally friendly cleaning solution. It is a safe, non-toxic, and bio-based solution that achieves beautiful results and leaves no dirt-attracting residue.


Go Green and Benefit from Many Advantages

  commercial carpet cleaning Contains absolutely no chemicals

commercial carpet cleaning Friendly to the environment and great for kids &  pets

office carpet cleaning No dirt-attracting residues

banks carpet cleaning Use of green spotting solutions to remove spots and stains

commercial carpet cleaners in Redmond No added expense for all-natural solution


  While some may want to charge more for all natural solutions, we offer it to you for the same price of 0.33 cents per sqare foot  

Ask for a Quote

  Ask for a quote for our environmentally friendly carpet cleaning solution simply by calling us at 425-351-6151 or fill out the form under Contact Us. We will get back to you as soon as possible.  
  clean carpets offices and hospitals
  Provide your family deeply cleaned, chemical-free carpets with no dirt-attracting residues and no risk for chemical induced sensitivities.
  special price for carpet cleaning job

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