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Commercial Carpet Cleaning

  The low moisture system we use does an amazing job on commercial carpet and it dries so quickly, you will be happy with the quality and the quick turnaround time.  

Greater Profits In A Clean Office

  medical office carpet cleaning A clean business environment promotes a positive atmosphere that customers respond favorably to

clean carpets law office Maintaining an attractive office creates energy, confidence and credibility

banks carpet cleaning A clean esthetically pleasing office is equated with high quality

medical practice clean carpets In medical practices, patients will accept more elective treatments in a clean esthetically pleasing environment

Low Moisture OPE Cleaning Has Big Advantages

  commercial carpet cleaning Superior Cleaning with no dirt "wick back"

office carpet cleaning Dry in 2 hours

banks carpet cleaning No hoses running through office area for anyone to trip over. No water spills, runoff or waste water dumping in your parking lots!

commercial carpet cleaners in Redmond OPE system requires no extensive set up

commercial carpet cleaners in Issaquah OPE system is self-contained and can be used in high rise buildings with no need to run hoses from a parking lot.

commercial carpet cleaners in Renton Doors can be closed and locked during cleaning, providing no security vulnerabilities.

commercial carpet cleaners in Seattle Moisture does not get behind carpet backing, so glue down carpets will not develop bubbles.

commercial carpet cleaners in Bellevue OPE system does not produce high humidity conditions which could harm sensitive electronics.


  Business pricing will depend on the volume of carpeting, cleaning frequency, and type of cleaning solution you desire for your cleaning (Green or Encapsulated). Please contact us to arrange a free bid and set up a cleaning schedule that is appropriate for you.   

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  Schedule a carpet cleaning or free bid by calling us at 425-351-6151 or fill out the form above. We will get back to you as soon as possible.  
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